2021: Exercise Anatolian Eagle at Konya Air Base

2020: Exercise Frisian Lightning II at Volkel Air Base

2020: Dutch Starfighter Foundation

2020: Excercise Falcon Leap at Eindhoven Air Base

2020: Exercise Blue Wings 2020 at Nörvenich Air Base

2020: Armed forces of Malta

2020: ‘Atlantic Resolve’ the deployment of 3rd CAB to the European theatre

2020: GLV-V at Oirschotse heide NL

2019: LOM Praha Flight Training Centre (CLV) at Pardubice Air Base

2019: Macedonian Air power: Air Brigade of North Macedonia at Skopje-Petrovec Air Base

2019: Bulgarian Air Force Marking three anniversaries at Graf Ignatievo Air Base

2018: 22 Shturmova Aviacionna Basa (22.ShtAB) at Bezmer Air Base

2018: Taktisches Luftwaffengeschwader 51 (TLG51) at Schleswig Jagel Air Base

2018:  Air Force and Air Defence Brigade of Bosnia and Herzegovina

2017 : Former RNLAF F-16s on delivery to the Jordanian Air Force

2017: Bucharest International Airshow BIAS 2017

2017: Hellenic Air Force says farewell to the RF-4E Phantom at Larisa Air Base

2014: Operation Market Garden ’70 years commemoration’ in Grave NL

2013: Naval Air Station Patuxent River

2009: Rota, home of the Arma Area la Armada Española (Spanish Navy Aviation)

2006: Araxos, home of the worlds last flying A-7 Corsair II’s